Scheduled and Private River Trips

See New Places, Play with Friends and Family, Meet New People!

Every season from late April through late October, CFI offers scheduled and private trips on our favorite stretches of rivers, including the Colorado, Green and Upper and Lower San Juan. Each of our scheduled trips is a little different each time – we make a point of offering new highlights including guest educators, and interesting perspectives on the cultural history of each.

You’ll enjoy a balance of moderate physical exercise, optional nature hikes from camp, time to read from our rich trip library, and interesting campfire conversations, and learning river skills. We work with local personalities, guest experts, and quality, locally-owned services. As a CFI Member, you will receive discounts on any trip you book with us.

Youth fees apply up to 17 years of age.

Looking for the perfect custom river trip just for your group?

CFI offers Custom River Trips to fit your group’s interests… Plan an Unforgettable Custom Trip for great value and an unforgettable experience with your family or friends!