Board of Trustees

CFI’s Current Board of Trustees

Chair: Steve Getz, President, American West Analytical Labs, Salt Lake City and Moab, UT

Vice Chair: (position vacant)

Secretary: Trisha Hedin, Director,  Adult Education Center, Moab, UT

Treasurer: Sam Crane, CEO, Grand County Credit Union, Moab, UT

Dave Bierschied, Broker, Canyonlands Realty Moab, UT

Christine Williams Dunton, Program Director, KZMU Public Radio Moab, UT

Diane Hanson, retired, marketing and sales, Denver, CO

Sena Taylor Hauer, Writer and Outfitter, My Mules, Moab, UT


CO-FOUNDER and CEO/DIRECTOR: Karla Joy VanderZanden


Volunteer to Become A Board Member

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Governance Board Member

TIME COMMITMENT: Meetings every month by conference call, usually third Thursday/month. Additional committee or special meetings usually once month. (Committee work approximately 4-8 hours/month in addition to regular board meetings. ) Expected to participate in CFI program once/year and assist with public relations or fundraising event once/year.


The CFI governance board serves on a volunteer basis and provides oversight and leadership in the following categories:

  • Strategic and program planning
  • Marketing/sales
  • Financial management
  • Fund-raising

Governance board members commit to active volunteer participation, and to leadership of finite, well-defined projects.

To round out membership on the current governance board, we now seek one new member, with year-round or part-year Moab residence:

Fundraising leader, to head a Fundraising Committee composed of 2 Governance Board members, plus additional recruits who are chosen for their fundraising experience, public relations skills and community connections. Please note that staff support for this work is with seasonal public relation interns; there is limited research and clerical support. The fundraising chair will work closely with CFI President/Director in formulating strategies and projects to meet operating and capital budget goals.

Term is 3 years; trustees are asked to contribute financially at a significant level for their individual circumstances; trustees are required to observe/ participate in a CFI school program prior to final acceptance on the board, review financial statements and our recently updated Strategic Plan. Candidates will interview with CFI Chair and Director and one other additional trustee (may be by telephone.)

Please send letter of interest and qualifications to CFI/Board of Trustees, P.O. Box 68, Moab, UT 84532 or to at any time.


Financial Statements/ IRS 990

CFI’s fiscal year is July 1-June 30. For the most recently filed non profit tax return IRS 990, click here to access in pdf form.