CFI’s Mission Is:


  • Increase understanding of, connection to, and care for the Colorado Plateau
  • Expand perception of and appreciation for the beauty and integrity of the natural world
  • Improve the quality of field-oriented, experiential teaching and learning for students and adults
  • Encourage individuals to be involved in the care of their own home places


  • Interdisciplinary studies in natural science, the literary arts, and the physical cultural geography of the region
  • Immersion in natural settings and provision of outdoor public service opportunities at field camps, on land and river trips, and in residential retreats
  • Dialogue about issues affecting the public, private and tribal lands of the Colorado Plateau bioregion
  • The introduction of a land ethic that includes respect, reverence, responsibility and reciprocity to the natural world.
  • Developing environmentally sound consumption practices within our business that provide financial stability while improving quality of life for staff and community.