Seasonal Employee Info

1) Housing: CFI has a small bunkhouse above our warehouse available mid-March through October. We do provide tent/tipi housing while working at camp. Bunkhouse and those assigned to live at camp are asked to complete 8 hours of service work/month in exchange for housing. AmeriCorps Camp Caretaker/Cook and the Camp Intern will be provided private wall tent and cot at camp and have bunkhouse use/bed two nights a week.   We require a fully refundable $100 security deposit from all bunkhouse tenants payable upon arrival (cash, check, or credit card.) Work trade includes cleaning, maintenance, and special projects on site. Guests of guides may stay or use shower for maximum of two night stay for $5/night fee. . In the bunkhouse, there is one shared bedroom with bunkbeds, one very small bedroom with single bed,  small dining/ living room space, small kitchen, and bathroom/shower plus a downstairs “guide lounge” with DVD/desk/guest guide cots. There is some storage for outdoor gear in warehouse. If you have a lot of personal items to store you may wish to rent a storage shed nearby. Apprentices are asked to find their own housing once their training ends. If you plan to rent in town, estimate $350/bedroom/month or thereabouts, there are also commercial campgrounds if you have a camp trailer, etc. It is not practical to plan on “camping out” for your entire 8 months especially when it gets hot and the knats come out! Guest are welcome on programs with advance approval, registration and payment of guest fees.

2) Pets are not allowed on CFI programs/facilities; we discourage you bringing a pet for your seasonal work period unless you have housing/care arranged for it.

3) Schedules are firmed up 7 days in advance. Due to government assigned launch dates that can be any day of the week for certain river stretches. Our apprentice, training, and program schedule does not follow a M-F pattern. Guides are asked to remain flexible during their season of employment due to sometimes last minute group size changes. Guides work approximately 22-24 days month depending on skill level and familiarity with our trails and rivers. Approximately 2 of these days will be “standby,” meaning you are expected to be available for day tour or shuttle work if available but will not be paid for the day unless there is booking/need. You will have 24 hours notice for the standby days. We think adequate rest is critical for peak and safe performance and thus avoid “back to back” trips for guides except in emergency situations.

4) Values/lifestyle: Please note that CFI chooses to operate “on nature‚Äôs terms” in unplugged environments without cell phones or radios. We stress experience, maturity and good judgement in our selection of trip leaders and provide training on rescue and evacuations. For the sake of providing healthy lifestyle role models, we operate in non-smoking environments. No alcohol is allowed on student trips and on adult/family trips is allowed only in camp in moderation. No illegal drug use is tolerated. CFI has a random drug testing policy.  Couples may be hired but are usually scheduled to work on different trips; we cannot guarantee same time off. We encourage honest, tactful communication and respectful interactions with participants and co-workers. Due to our program schedule, we conduct business 7 days a week; employees must be willing to work any day of week including Sundays.

5) Incentives Travel assistance is provided for returning guides up front and for new guides and interns upon subsequent departures and returns. There are raises granted for additional education and certifications, for returning guides in consecutive seasons, and for exceptional work. There is a completion award for completing the entire length of the season. CFI provides scholarships to a Westwater River Rescue Workshop for apprentices. River equipment may be rented by employees during program break in July and in winter months.

6) Gear: Apprentice Guides and new employees are welcome to use CFI camping and personal river gear such as Personal Flotation Devices, river bags for the first few months but are expected to buy their own personal gear by July. Employees can order on prodeal bases during the months they are employed (only for themselves, not for friends). Apprentices will be awarded a starter rigging bag in April.