Why Work at CFI?

CFI’s goal is to help ensure a sustainable future for the Colorado Plateau through education; our primary audiences are children, teachers, writers, and students. CFI’s programs teach natural science, history, backcountry and river skills, civics, and communications. Programs take place on public land across Southeast Utah, and on the Green, San Juan, Dolores, and Colorado rivers.

CFI teaches an average of 5000 participant days per year in program services. The annual operating budget of the Institute is approximately $300,000; 80% in tuition and 20% through public support. CFI employs approximately 3 year round staff and 6-10 seasonal staff including interns and apprentices.

We offer a broad range of program experiences in a variety of locations. Our instructor-guides are never “bored” with routines; you will find your work with CFI stimulating in terms of co-worker, guest faculty, training and varied geographical and teaching settings. We seek people with positive, mature attitudes, willing to do what it takes to make the business hum.

You will become familiar with many aspects of running a small business that specializes in nature tourism and youth education in back country settings. Once you work a full season, you are well-positioned for future “best” teaching/guiding opportunities and leadership positions with us.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Extensive training program for new guides in CFI river and land operation, including river rescue, and the opportunity to shadow experienced instructors.
  2. CFI and gear use gift certificates ( issued following completion of contract and remaining in good standing; and at least 50 days employment; CFI certificates can be used for first aid and other courses or given to friends; gear use certificate towards off season river gear rental)
  3. Pro deals for selected outdoor gear manufacturers; employee must be employed during month of order and follow established protocols and calendar for ordering (orders for employee only, not friends).
  4. Opportunity to represent CFI at public relation or professional conference or make contact with schools, may be at own expense or some assistance provided depending on circumstance.
  5. Professional recommendations for future employment or graduate school (latter requires small processing fee; job references are gratis)