Dino Kids Day with the Museum of Moab in Mill Canyon


 More details on time, meet-up location, cost, etc will be posted soon. Featured at Mill Canyon:


Allosaurus was a large, bipedal, saurischian (lizard-hipped), meat-eating dinosaur. Heavily built, Allosaurus had powerful hind legs, relatively short but strong forelimbs, and a very large head. A massive tail must have aided in balance. The animal grew to a length of nearly 39 feet. The huge jaws were lined with large serrated, stabbing, and cutting teeth. Both hands and feet were equipped with large claws.


Stegosaurus was a moderately large four-footed, ornithischian (bird-hipped), plant eating dinosaur, which is characterized by a double row of large, alternately spaced plates that ran down its back and large spikes at the end of its tail. The animal grew to a length of 25 feet and may have weighed 1.5 tons. Stegosaurus had an extraordinarily small brain, which weighed no more than 2.5 to 2.8 ounces.


Camarasaurus was a very large, heavy bodied, four-footed saurischian (lizard-hipped), plant-eating dinosaur. It had a short skull with a blunt snout and a fairly long neck and tail. Camarasaurus grew to a length of 59 feet and the four pillar-like legs may have supported a weight of nearly 20 tons.


Camptosaurus was a moderately sized, ornithischian (bird-hipped), plant eating dinosaur, which was presumably quite nimble and fast, but otherwise quite defenseless. The animal grew to a length of around 20 feet. Hoof-like claws on both fingers and toes suggest that it often walked on all fours.

  • Where: Mill Canyon, 15 miles north of Moab
  • When: September 21, 2013