Planning a School or Youth Group Trip

Magnificent canyon walls,
sandstone towers and the clear desert sky
will encircle your classroom.

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“Challenging presentations, well-prepared instructors.
They presented a difficult topic in a sensitive, encompassing,
personal and well-anchored manner. All aspects of the program were
 well-directed, had specific objectives, clear goals and were enjoyable.
(The curriculum) captured the imagination and interest of our students.”

Steve Hall, Teacher, Collegiate Academy of Colorado, Denver, CO

How to Plan a School or Youth Program

Are you ready to start planning your next Land or River Education Adventure with CFI?

Even if you are in the beginning stages of the process, we are here to assist you. We take pride in helping you select a School or Youth Program that best suits your group size, educational goals, time frame, and budget. Call CFI to discuss the best options for your group and specifics of the trip planning processes including: locations, curriculum, travel logistics, cost, discounts, and more!

We suggest you start 9 to 12 months in advance and no less than 2 months in advance to secure the optimal trip dates and locations for smooth logistical planning. Estimating your group’s size can help determine the potential River and Land-based Programs available to your unique group. Talk to one of our experienced staff today to learn more about the educational experiences we offer at competitive rates.

  • Decide on a range of preferred dates.
  • Determine your overall budget for our program and your travel costs, including your chaperone costs.
  • Determine your group size (refer to our Program and Reservation information for group size limits).
  • Select river or land programs from CFI that fit your teaching goals, group size and budget.

Please read the deposit and payment time lines and policies carefully.

Contact us regarding which stretch of river or which camp program may be best for your group. 
Please note that many stretches of river and public lands have limits and limited assigned launch dates.

Preview your program choices with your parents and school administration (we can provide information on our permits, risk management program, sample registration/risk forms, insurance and we can provide references).
Please note that CFI chooses to operate on nature’s terms — “unplugged” in the backcountry without cell phones or other electronic devices. We offer traditional wilderness experience and rely on preparedness, training, backcountry skill and wise leadership.
Be sure to have your administration approval prior to confirming your reservation with CFI.

Make your transportation plans to our area (be sure you know exact dates for travel to match with your CFI program).

Confirm your School or Youth Program with CFI and we will send you an invoice for the deposit (email, fax, or mail). Please respond with anon-refundable payment by credit card only within 10 days (we gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).

CFI sends to you an attractive program brochure for student, parents and chaperones with gear list, behavioral guidelines, registration and risk forms.
Your packet will contain curriculum objectives, program schedule and MAP to our area.

Note on your contract the next due dates for final numbers of participants and payments.

Start preparing your students for their Land or River Education Adventure and otherwise, relax, and know that CFI will have terrific instructors, great food and smooth logistics waiting for you when you arrive!

Schedule a pre-trip meeting with parents and students, review clothing and gear lists and practice setting up your tents if you are bringing your own!

A CFI naturalist-guide that will be with your group in the field will contact you several weeks prior to your trip by email or phone to firm up last minute details, discuss any student health, diet or behavioral or diet concerns and work with you to insure your students to have a safe, fun and “transformative” field trip experience!

Contact us, we’ll make it 
as easy as possible!