Getting to Grand Junction

Grand Junction is a medium sized city (about 42,000 residing in the city itself and 140,000 residing in the area) located in western Colorado. It serves as a travel hub to western Colorado and eastern Utah. Several highways, a train station, and two rivers (Which is where Grand Junction derives it’s name; the junction of the Gunnison River and the Colorado River, formerly the “Grand” river) intersect the town.

Grand Junction (cc license)

A small airport is also located in Grand Junction, with shuttle flights to and from Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. If you get in late, Grand Junction is a great place to catch a good nights sleep and rest before traveling on to Moab.

Once I’m in Grand Junction, how do I get to  Moab, Utah?

By Plane:

Please Note: Grand Junction Regional Airport is a smaller airport. As such, flights to and from maybe a bit more expensive and protracted. Please check with your Airline carrier to see if you can fly into Grand Junction.

Southwest Airlines

  • Any party of 10 or more is eligible for group discount.
  • For every 40 persons, receive one free ticket.

American Airlines

  • Incentives for groups of 10 or more.
  • Discounts can range from 40-70%, see details.
  • Groups are eligible for Self Service Check-In

United Airlines

  • Discounts available for groups of 10 or more.
  • Priority status on check-in, boarding, and baggage claim
  • If applicable (varies from airport to airport), a group coordinator to assist your group at the airport.

Delta Airlines

  • Group discount carries with it a minimal number of 10, and a cap of 60% of the Coach/Economy Class cabin.
  • Children’s discounts will not apply.
  • Misc. ticketing requirements please see Delta’s web page for more details and specifics.

Frontier Airlines

  • Offers Group travel. Contact Frontier airlines at 800-908-9069, or via E-mail at

U.S. Airways

  • Contact U.S. Airways for domestic group rates. Phone 877-USGROUPS or E-mail at Group travel requests.

By Train:

Recommended for small groups traveling from east of Grand Junction and parallel to Chicago. Amtrak offers a comfortable ride and an opportunity to see the eye-catching beauty of the American Country side. On board dining options, restrooms and a sizable observation car are provided.

Grand Junction Amtrak - (cc licsense)


  • On most Amtrak lines, children (ages 2-15) are given a 50% discount. This discount is only allowed for 2 children PER full price adult (2:1 ratio). Additional children are charged at full adult price.
  • Student discounts are also available through studentadvantage with an appropriate discount card (15% off).
  • Seniors 62+  receive 15% off (does not apply to sleeper cars; additional restrictions may apply)
  • During the summer, the National Park Service conducts an on board Trails & Rails program on the California Zephyr. The program consists of on board narration and information pertaining to the area between Denver and Grand Junction. The program is conducted in the spacious observation car.

There is a Hampton Inn located approximately a quarter of a mile from the train station, perfect after a long ride.