Wilderness Adventure Summer Camp in Canyonlands National Park – Bates Wilson Youth Camp

A Wilderness Adventure Summer Camp for Students Entering Grades 9 through 12 - Bates Wilson Youth Camp

  • Where: Needles District, Canyonlands National Park
  • When: September 05, 2015 through September 07, 2015
  • Number of Days/Nights: 3 Days, 2 Nights
  • Group Size: Minimum 6 and Maximum 12
  • Age Group: Students entering grades 9-12
  • Cost per Person: TBA
  • Deposit: Deposit is the full application fee: TBA
  • Notes:

    This trip is fully funded by the Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks in partnership with Canyonlands Field Institute. Navtec Expeditions is also a supporting partner.

Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks Second Annual Bates Wilson Youth Camp


The Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks, in partnership with Canyonlands Field Institute, is hosting the second annual Bates Wilson Youth Camp for 2015 in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.

We are inviting students entering grades 9 through 12 with interests in national parks, conservation, outdoor education, geology, cultural history, public policy, or careers in the National Park Service or other public land agencies, but especially students who love learning in nature and having fun!

Bates Wilson Youth Camp 2014 112 One of the core values of the Friends is to connect youth to the national parks by teaching the legacy of Bates Wilson, former Arches and Canyonlands Parks Superintendent and key figure in the formation of Canyonlands National Park. We recognize, like Bates Wilson did, that natural places are vital for our children, their children, and continuing generations. The camp was created to bring youth to those places that exist because of people like Bates Wilson and his colleagues.

SBates Wilson Youth Camp 2014 174paces in the Bates Wilson Camp will be awarded to a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 students who express their interest through the application. Once reviewed and accepted, students are required to pay a minimal fee (2015 fee TBA) for the camp to secure their reservation. Students will learn about Bates Wilson’s role in our national parks, what it takes to make a national park a reality, and how one’s courage, passion and dedication can make a difference for future generations.

Bates Wilson Youth Camp 2014 131Some of the Camp activities and goals:

  • Exciting Navtec Expeditions jeep adventure: Elephant Hill to Chesler Park
  • Discover careers in recreation and resource management
  • Archaeology and geology hikes with inspiring CFI guides
  • Camp with CFI and prepare delicious Dutch oven meals
  • Build your resume! This experience is a great learning adventure and worthy of mentioning in your college application process.

“This camp was awesome!!! I loved getting to talk to the rangers and see what they do and why they do it. It was also awesome to see how the park was formed and why it needs to be preserved.” – 2014 Participant 

To apply, contact: Joette Langianese (435) 259-0108, or visit bateswilson.org/programs. Click on the Youth Programs tab and scroll down to the Camp information.

Canyonlands Field Institute will send you a trip registration form, medical form, and other forms necessary prior to the trip.

Download the application and flyer:

Bates Wilson Youth Camp Application. 2015 Application TBA.

Bates Wilson Youth Camp Informational Flyer. 2015 Flyer TBA.

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